White Drilling Company has more than 28 years of experience in the environmental and geotechnical drilling industry while our company President, John White has more than 42 years experience in the drilling industry. We are is licensed in the state of Texas, Oklahoma, and in New Mexico.

Located in Clyde, Texas, White Drilling specializes in providing environmental, water well and determination drilling services. Our environmental drilling service collects core samples of soil, rock and ground water. Governmental agencies, private and industrial businesses rely on the information gathered from core samples to determine if there might be potential pollutants or contamination in the area.

White Drilling has worked with numerous clients to perform core sample drilling in soil, water and rock. This includes all forms of soil and geotechnical boring, as well as drilling monitoring, recovery and injection wells as deep as 1500 feet.

Our clients include: the Texas Department of Transportation, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, New Mexico Environment Department, and many consulting and engineering firms.

At White Drilling, we are the experts in water well drilling. Our water well services ranging in size from 6.5 to 24 inches and go as far as 1500 feet below ground level. Some of our water well services include monitoring wells, multilevel, injection, as well as extraction and recovery wells.

To reduce the impact on the environment, we use air rotary rigs equipped with a dust containment system that helps to eliminate potentially harmful airborne dust and soil particles. White Drilling also uses air/mud rotary drilling equipment with a portable mud shaker system. This helps to reduce circulation of fine silts and aids in soil containment.

We want to achieve faster production rates, reduce down time, and provide our employees and clients with the safest possible working conditions, White Drilling equips all of our rigs with the latest safety devices.

With our expertise in rotary drilling methods, extraction and sampling you can be assured of White Drilling's record of providing the highest caliber services, while adhering to precise quality control procedures and strict industry standards.
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